Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

As a cat owner, you always want to provide the best nutrition for your feline friend. One brand of cat food that has gained popularity among pet owners is Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food. This premium cat food is made with high-quality ingredients and offers several benefits for your cat’s health and wellbeing.

The Ziwi Peak Difference

Ziwi Peak sets itself apart from other cat food brands through its unique air drying process. While most commercial cat foods are cooked at high temperatures, Ziwi Peak air-dries its ingredients to retain the maximum nutritional value. This gentle method of preservation helps to lock in the natural nutrients found in the meat, organs, and seafood used in their formulas.

The primary ingredient in Ziwi Peak cat food is real meat, sourced from New Zealand’s free-ranging, grass-fed farms. The company follows a single-protein philosophy, meaning each formula focuses on a specific type of meat, such as lamb, beef, venison, or seafood. By using only one source of protein, Ziwi Peak aims to minimize the risk of allergies and food sensitivities in cats.

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

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Benefits of Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

1. High-Quality Ingredients: Ziwi Peak cat food contains 98% fresh meat, organs, and seafood, providing a high protein content that mirrors a cat’s natural diet.

2. Free of Artificial Additives: Ziwi Peak cat food is free from grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. This makes it an excellent choice for cats with food allergies or sensitivities.

3. Promotes Healthy Digestion: The air-drying process used by Ziwi Peak retains the natural digestive enzymes present in the raw ingredients. These enzymes aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, promoting a healthy digestive system.

4. Packed with Essential Nutrients: Ziwi Peak cat food is rich in essential nutrients, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat. It also contains taurine, an essential amino acid that supports vision and heart health in cats.

5. Promotes Dental Health: The air-drying process helps to naturally remove moisture from the food, resulting in a texture that promotes chewing. Chewing the food helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup, promoting good dental health for your cat.

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

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Choosing the Right Formula

Ziwi Peak offers a range of formulas to suit different dietary needs and preferences. Whether your cat prefers lamb, beef, venison, or seafood, you can find a flavor that your feline friend will love. Additionally, Ziwi Peak offers options for both kittens and adult cats, ensuring that your cat gets the appropriate nutrition at every stage of life.


With its unique air-drying process and high-quality ingredients, Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food is a top choice for cat owners who want to provide their feline companions with optimal nutrition. By feeding your cat Ziwi Peak, you can be confident that you are offering a balanced and nutritious diet that promotes overall health and wellbeing.

Remember, always consult with your veterinarian when selecting the best food for your cat, as individual nutritional needs may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food

Q: How Do I Transition My Cat To Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food?

A: Gradually mix Ziwi Peak with your cat’s current food over 7-10 days to avoid digestive upset.

Q: Is Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food Grain-free?

A: Yes, Ziwi Peak is made with high-quality meat and free from grains, fillers, and artificial additives.

Q: What Are The Main Benefits Of Feeding My Cat Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food?

A: Ziwi Peak provides complete and balanced nutrition, promotes dental health, and supports a healthy skin and coat.

Q: Can Indoor Cats Benefit From Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food?

A: Yes, Ziwi Peak is suitable for all cats, including indoor cats who may have different activity levels.

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